ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent not working anymore after upgrade to OH4

After upgrading to OH4 my rule which is triggered when a thing goes into offline status
is not triggered anymore.
I also tried to

configuration: {}
  - id: "1"
    label: When ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent is raised
      eventTypes: ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent
      eventSource: ""
      eventTopic: openhab/things/*
    type: core.GenericEventTrigger

I also tried omitting the event prefix and using types and topic, but still the rule is not working anymore.
Is there anything I need to change?

The names of the fields in GenericEventTrigger were reworked. It’s one of the PRs listed in the announcement notes.

  - id: "3"
    label: A Thing Changes Status
    description: Triggers when any Thing changes status
      types: ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent
      payload: ""
      topic: openhab/things/**
      source: ""
    type: core.GenericEventTrigger
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Thank you very much Rich,

that was it. It has to be ** instead of *