Thinking of moving to openhab

Hello everyone… I’m thinking of moving to openhab 2 from homeseer. I’m thinking of using the windows version. I would also like to know if you can pair a 2gig gc3 alarm system without using to auto arm and disarm the system. I would control z wave and wifi from openhab.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Z-Wave should not be a major issue.
Although I am not too familiar with Homeseer, I am very impressed with the Z-Wave implementation here. Our dev is a Euro Space engineer who is very diligent in his work.
I have added a couple of tags to this thread to perhaps get more help.

To add to what Bruce stated, what are you looking to OH to do for you that homeseer is failing to do? While adding devices to OH is rarely a difficult task, learning how to automate can be a steep hill if you are new to the automation scene.
From a quick review at their site everything seems to be GUI driven, @Hs3 how comfortable are you with writing out rules to facilitate your automation needs?

not comfortable at all. I guess I need to research this a little more[

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One of many alternative rule engines that people have had success with is Node Red, may be more what you want…however I have no idea how to install it on a Windows platform or if that is a supported method.

Having Node Red handle your automation would still require homeseer (assumption) or OH to have things/items or events to trigger things in Node Red. Here is a write up that was done and can provide a better idea if you want to go down this path. Node-RED as Alternative Rule Engine

Thanks for your help. Maybe a raspberry pi may be a better route. I like HS but there new Android app needs work. The old one was fine but now you need to buy a designer ($299) to use it.

Not a problem, there are lots of helpful individuals here and lots of useful information documentation and the forums.

I’ve reached a point that I don’t rely too much on an interface to control the smart devices; if I find myself having to take manual actions I try to automate it away. :slight_smile:

well spoken one