Tibber Binding

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Continuing the discussion from Tibber?:

Would be awesome if someone was working on a tibber binding. I see that Hass.io has integrated it, but would love to have it fully integrated in OH2

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I am willing to give a BOUNTY on this, dont know how much would be expected, but if others are interested maybe it would accumulate to a nice amount. With the arrival of Pulse that provides a lot of information there would quite a lot of interesting data to collect.

A link to the API documentation https://developer.tibber.com/docs/reference

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I am interested in a bounty as well

@Ontrackx Would you be interested to setup the bounty? I’m initially willing to pledge 50$ myself.

I tried to setup bounty on https://www.bountysource.com

I am no programmer myself but are willing to contribute to a bounty to get this going.

Tried like, wasn’t able too. Or did you manage? I cant’t seem to find it. By the way I’m also totally green on this :yum:

Had to make an inital github issue, will contribute more if people follows

Great! I’ve added my part.
Do we need or should we set some criterias for completing the bounty? I have not checked out the api in detail but there seem to be alot that can be added. I Think at least that price and Pulse items (Power, energy, current, phase current, voltage, phase voltage etc…) should be added.

Yes maybe you could write up something I can paste into github or bountysource

I dont know if you can do it yourself on the github link

Also added the source from Athom homey Tibber addon, for help

Are we doing this right? @Kai

Looks all fine - now you only have to find some developer, who’d be interested to do the work and earn the bounty. I don’t have any good recommendation on how to achieve this best…

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I’ll try to put togheter something :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe we can find any of the other binding creators, to look at this? Then we can offer the bounty to them? IT should be easy peasy with all the information provided by the api-documetation available.
What is really good is that the binding can be developed with the demo api Key. Witout having to own a Tibber pulse.

@pauli_anttila really like your work on the rfxcom binding. Any idea wo would want to claim this bounty? Or help us Tibber users out? Noone of us have any binding building experience

I’ve also added an issue for this in the openHAB issue tracker so it’s easier to find:

Any news on this topic?

Hey there, i am a developer but very new to both openhab and tibber. so i could maybe lookinto creating something if somone already havent. but i need some explanation on how it should tie together.
also i am very green to the hole openhab stuff also. to even what the different type of addons are and stuff. if anyone create a slack channel to talk about it. i will join. i hate forums tbh


I have started to look into this as well, however, my programming skills are somewhat limited, although having become familiar with binding structure / Eclipse IDE.

So, for a start, I have a clean skeleton for the binding. Now planning to use HttpUtil to handle the GraphQL requests. Further need to look into how to implement Oauth bearer (token) for authorization. Also how to make use of websocket for subscription to live data.

For me, as a start, it would be desired to get communication and be able to read data in OH. Guess persist could be used for getting graphs etc.


As a follow-up: Still in an early phase on my behalf, trying to set up/configure a binding:

Thus seeking some input/advice:

What input/channels would be desired? Would queries set up at frequent polls be sufficient, or would the continuous/live measurement be the only successful achievment?

I guess ‘current price’ is the ultimate variable to get updates for at regular interval in OH in order to take actions for other implemented OH components, but will be happy to get some other ideas/desires.