Time based rules ok, but astro binding events not firing


Ive made absolutely no alteration to my system, I believe, but since 2 weeks now, astro sunset RangeEvents are not firing any more. The NTP binding seems to be working ok though, so time based rules in general are working fine. Just not subset / sunrise rules.

I am using two instances of the astro binding, one vanilla one and one with an offset of +/- 30 minutes applied to sunrise/sunset so that lamps may turn on before it’s totally dark outside.
The adjusted binding seems ok:

But, of course, I get no event around 18:07 anymore.

Where should I start looking?


always a good start are the logs events.log and openhab.log in the /var/log/openhab folder (if it is the apt-get installation).
Maybe this also helps:

I have noticed the same thing, appears to be specifically the astro channel event(s). Everything else appears to continue to work fine. If I restart OH, it will resolve it for awhile. I haven’t been able trace anything yet but has been list. I have added logging to the event so I know the event isn’t triggering. ie. not simple the zwave devices not responding, etc.

I will attempt (this weekend) to see if I can setup debugging filters to capture relevant info that could be of help when it occurs again.

As i understand it this is a bug in the 2.1 version.
see Astro Binding has problems with trigger

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