Time item can't be changed via location cards?

running OH 3.4…
I created a DateTime item but only need the time props:

the oh-input-card looks like this:

value: oh-input-card
  item: entrydoormonitor_start
  inputmode: text
  dateFormat: HH:mm
  useDisplayState: true
  showTime: true
  placeholder: HH:MM
  type: time
  sendButton: true
  validate: true

so far so good, I can edit the time via Administration => Settings => Items. all fine.

next I created an equipment and added this to a location card. surprisingly I can’t edit the item from there:

what is wrong in my config?

The Location, Equipment, and Properties tabs show the Item using a “list item widget”, not a “stand alone widget”. You need to set the “default list Item widget” metadata.

when I set it to a list item I’m not able to edit it (see testdateitem). when I try to use your datetime list widget I can edit it but I’m missing the checkmark icon to save my input. (see testdateitem2)

I tried different browsers on PC and android but it’s all the same.

The checkmark is controlled by the sendButton: true property of the widget.

There might be something weird going on if the Item doesn’t have a state yet. I created those widgets on the marketplace a very long time ago and maybe there is a regression in the input widget when the Item is NULL/UNDEF.

Can you set it by clicking on the little clock icon at the right?

If you set the state from the ~Scratchpad~ rule, REST API, Karaf console, etc. first does the widget work as expected?

no it doesn’t change when I set a date.

I just went to the widget editor to doublecheck the sendButton: true setting. to my surprise I also do not see the checkmark there.

I think I got it!
when I use your datetime_standalone widget (not the datetime_list widget) as default list item widget then I get the checkmark!

after hours of playing around I’m lost with standalone vs listitem widgets. … however, it seems this is the correct combination.

You have to have configured both an item name in the item property and sendButton in order to see the checkmark. In your screen shot there is no item configured for that oh-input-item.

If the widget appears as a row in an oh-list, the default list item widget is used. All the widgets you see at the top level of the Locations, Equipment, and Properties tabs are oh-list widgets.

If the widget appears alone on a Page, the default stand alone widget is used.