Time measurement in OH3

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Hi there!

I just migrated to OH3. Everything fine so far, but I don’t get my sunshine calculation up and running as this changed in OH3. Unfortunately I did not get it to run even after quite some investigation.
Therefore I would like to ask for your support.

Here is the rule:

rule "Sonnenstundenzähler starten/stoppen"
        Item iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung changed

        logInfo("Wetter", "Sonnenstundenzähler logging")
        logInfo("Wetter", "Globalstrahlung neu:" + iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung.state)
        logInfo("Wetter", "Globalstrahlung alt:" + iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung.previousState(true,"influxdb").state)

        if((iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung.state>=120) &&
           (iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung.previousState(true,"influxdb").state<120)) {
            logInfo("Wetter", "Sonnenstundenzähler starten")
            iWetterSonnenstundenzaehlerStartZeit.postUpdate(new DateTimeType())
        if((iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung.state<120) &&
           (iWetterHelligkeitGlobalstrahlung.previousState(true,"influxdb").state>=120)) {

            logInfo("Wetter", "Sonnenstundenzähler stoppen")
            var DateTimeType Einschaltzeit = iWetterSonnenstundenzaehlerStartZeit.state as DateTimeType
            var Number SonnenStundenDauerSekunden = Seconds::secondsBetween(new DateTime(Einschaltzeit.calendar.timeInMillis), now ).getSeconds()

            logInfo("Wetter","Sonnenscheindauer: " + SonnenStundenDauerSekunden + " secs.")                
            var Number SonnenstundenZaehlerSekunden = (iWetterSonnenstundenZaehlerSekunden.state as DecimalType) + SonnenStundenDauerSekunden

            logInfo("Wetter","Sonnenstundenzähler: " + SonnenstundenZaehlerSekunden + " secs.")
            var Number SonnenstundenZaehlerMinuten = SonnenstundenZaehlerSekunden / 60

            var Number SonnenstundenZaehlerStunden = SonnenstundenZaehlerMinuten / 60

The rule is triggered when then sun intension changes. The recording should start once the intension exceeds 120W/qm and stop if it falls below 120W/qm. All periods need to be accumulated. The variable will be reset at midnight, so I get the total sunshine time during the day.

I am aware that the line following line is the problem as it is still in Joda Time format:
var Number SonnenStundenDauerSekunden = Seconds::secondsBetween(new DateTime(Einschaltzeit.calendar.timeInMillis), now ).getSeconds()

Thanks a lot for your support!

Best regards,

Anyone to support? It would be great

Did you have a look into the release notes for OH3?
The information on GitHub describes how to change the time formats and commands.