Time Problem Caldav Binding Kalender Widget


hope someone can help me. I have the five events calendar widget installed with the Caldav binding and the google calendar account.

Everything works fine, but all my Events in the Calendar Widget are one hour later as in my google calendar. I don’t know where the time comes from. Only from google? Or is something wrong with the widget?

I think my google Caldav Configuraton, Items, Sidemaps are okay…
And the Calendar widget looks okay too…!?
Can someone help me?

You’re going to have to be more specific. What’s the problem you’re trying to describe?


thank you for your reply.
What do you need to know?

I use the five events calendar widget.
I think the caldavio.cfg is configured right.
There I have no timezone, but I red that I don‘t need it.
I think the items and the sitemap are configured right too.
If I so not configure the widget, the widget shows one o‘clock for start and end time of the event. After configuring the widget every event of my Google calendar is shown one hour later, than in my google calendar.
I think it‘s an addition of this one Hour and my event data from google, but I don‘t know where ist comes from. In the google account I have the right timezone, also in my weather binding and in paper UI.
So where can be the source of this one hour?
Does the widget get time information without my configured google data…!?

Sounds like a daylight saving time issue.


I am very happy that you helped with this little note. After your post I googled for the daylight settings and so on. Then I noticed that I haven’t configured the Raspberry/Openhab config settings. Language and Timezone settings in: “sudo openhabian-config”

Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-08 um 08.44.17

So my problem is solved.

Thank you very much…