Time Stamp + minutes

II have heating rule. My heating can set to ON, 10 minutes after OFF (this is my protect). I want to display possible start time in sitemap. I know to do Time Stamp but I want Time Stamp now + 10 minutes.
Thank you

Posting what you have done so far would be helpful. We don’t know what class you are using in your timestamp nor do we know how you are using it and want to use it.

heating Item is not in sitemap,this item will be changed automatically according to the desired temperatures, but when heating changed to OFF, I dont want immediately set heating to ON. I have 10 minutes offset, after this time can be heating item changed to ON. Now I want to display Time when can be changed to ON.
my automatic rule change heating item to OFF at 21:10 so I want to display in sitemap “next start of heating can be” 21:20

Switch	heating	"Heating"	<switch>	{ mqtt=">[localbroker:/kurenie/gpio/12:command:OFF:1],>[localbroker:/kurenie/gpio/12:command:ON:0],<[localbroker:/kurenie/gpio12/state:command:OFF:1],<[localbroker:/kurenie/gpio12/state:command:ON:0]" }
Switch  canHeatingON "Ubehol min čas kedy možem dať kotol ON"
rule "offset start heating"
	Item heating changed to OFF
	sendCommand(canHeatingON, OFF)
	timer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(10)) [|
		sendCommand(canHeatingON, ON)
		timer = null   // reset the timer
DateTime nextHeating ...

rule "offset start heating"

    nextHeating.postUpdate(new DateTimeType(now.plusMinutes(10).toString))
    timer = createTimer(...


I think the above will work.

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thanks works