I want to have my lights in the backyard switched on from 6pm to 11pm. Is there a timclock application that i can use?

Can I also adjust that timeclock in the ios app then?

Thanks and kr

You can use cron triggers:

But that is not adjustable in the app.
Detailed adjustable scheduling is difficult and requires many rules and items.
You can also use the calDAV binding and put your schedule on a google calendar.

Check out these two links for ideas with the possibility to adjust times in the UI: https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/wiki/AlarmClock and Design Pattern: Time Of Day

Hello Robert

just stumbled over your post here. Maybe a bit late but this implementation of an timeclock should fit your needs:

@ModuloFS, here you can also find a solution:

Everthing is adjustable in the UI, you doesn’t need any cron trigger and it’s works pretty well with different screen-sizes.

definitely timeline picker, using it for couple of years in my heating setup. thanks @tose !

Yes it looks pretty nice! Does it work in the Android App with remote connection via myopenhab?

I use the example above mainly because of the Astro-functionality and the usability in the app and over remote connection.

It works with the android app. For better usubility also with zoom. I think with the remote connection it doesn’t work. Probably It will throw a cors- error. But i’m not using this service and i haven’t checkout.