Timed events


I’m still quite new to OpenHAB, but not to Home Automation. So will no doubt have a few more questions after this one as I make progress.
What I’d like to do is switch of a few lights at a certain time of day, for example turn off all the living room lights at 23:30 each day. Doing so to encourage me that it’s time for bed and to stop playing with software or watching TV. I’ve searched the forum and found loads of information close to what I want to achieve but nothing solid. If it’s needed, I’m using Z Wave modules.

Can someone provide me with an example rule please?

Group = Living_Room
Item = Floor_Lamp
Item = Table_Lamp

Lights_Out = 23:30 daily.

Thanks in advance.


you can use a simple rule for that:

rule "lights out @ 11:30 pm"
    Time cron "0 30 23 * * ?" // means 23:30:00 every day of every month, don't bother about weekdays

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a go. There maybe more questions to follow as I progress.