Timeline widget scrolling in habpanel? and items not fully charted?

I’m trying to create a timeline widget for monitoring when a few items turn on and off throughout the day but I have a strange issue. When I run that panel if, I mouse over the widget and try to scroll the panel up and down, the chart one the widget scrolls left and right instead.

I’m not sure why it scrolls in the first place as the entire chart fills the area.

The other issue:
some of the items charted on my timeline widget aren’t fully charted up to the current time. for instance it shows a item was on or off up until a period of time and the remaining chart for that item is blank, this has happened on a few “less used” items and the period of time charted varies from affected items.

Any ideas guys? If I could get this straightened out I would really appreciate it.

I can’t help but I’ve moved your posting to the HABpanel section and added a timeline tag. Hopefully, someone knowledgable will see it. Good luck!

Oh thank you, I though I was in the right place.

OK I think I figured out whats going on with problem 2…
It seems it only charts up to the last state change, I changed the state of the items that weren’t charting and refreshed my habpanel, and now it charts to the end of the graph for each item.

still need to figure out the scrolling issue though.

It wasn’t the wrong place, but your post might get more attention from the experts in this spot.

That is a known issue and sometimes happens, due to the underlying library (d3-timeline). For me it occurs only when the timeline is wider than expected, for instance when I resize the window.
I haven’t been able to disable this unwanted behavior since there is no option to control it.

This was fixed back in July:

If you have openHAB 2.1 stable the HABPanel bundled with it is older than that and therefore doesn’t include this fix.