Timer Binding? Expire?

I want to set a timer so after a light gets turned on it turns off after a set time say 5 minutes.

I have been searchig and keep getting references to the Expire binding, but cannot find out how to install it? Let alone use it!

Can someone walk me though how to install and use expire timer??

Openhab 2.4 Insatlled on Debian.

Kinda new to Openhab so walk me through if you can.

Thank you!

Welcome to the community.:grinning:

Please provide the config of the item you want to use the expire binding with and someone can help with how to use the binding.

To use the expire binding you must create a switch item. If creating an item is already over your head, I’ll post link to learn. When the switch is triggered, however long you have configured it to run,then the stuff you coded in happens

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Aside from the machine you have installed OH on, what is controlling the light- on what protocol?

Some protocols and devices allow to set timers to OFF in secs or millisecs also on the light-switch-controller side itself, relieving your OH machine of 1 rule(no biggie anyhow, but might be cleaner, while you get your grips with OH)

Hi Andrew, you seem knowledgeable with the Expire Binding.
Do you know if I can use the REST API to add Expire settings to my switch items?
I don’t have an .items file to edit, because I created all my switch items using PaperUI.
I’m using OpenHAB 2.5.2 on Raspberry Pi 4.

I do not think that is possible because there is no channel to link, expire being a v1.x binding. Linking is done differently.

Thanks, rossko57 :pray:
Do you have a suggestion how I can add Expire settings to my switch items?

Delete Items from PaperUI, then recreate as Items in an xxx.items file. The only method I know. You’d also re-add any other channel links in the .items file, that you made careful note of before deletion.

Don’t mix PaperUI and files management of any one given Item or Thing, although you can mix styles within your system e.g. link a “file” Item to a “PaperUI” Thing/channel.


Thanks. I’ll try that.