Tinkerforge Binding - Want to help


I need help setting this up. I have two master bricks and have brickd running in a docker. I can connect from another laptop via brickv and can see all bricklets in brickv.

I have the tinkerfoger1 plugin running and configured. I have an a dual relay bricklet running and it works. I can switch the item in OH and I hear the relay switching. So basic communication works.

I have other bricklets as well. Some I cant get working. E.g. the Industrial Quad Relay 2.0 seems not to work. I can see the Industrial Quad Relay should be supported (but 2.0 is not mentioned). Is there a 1.0 version of that bricklet?

How can I support the development process? I would like to support the tinkerforge binding community.

I have the following bricklets:

  • industrial digital in 4 v 2.0
  • load cell 2.0
  • analog in 3.0
  • outdoor weather
  • industrial quad relay 2.0
  • dual relay (This works)

But where is this community active? Here? Let me know where to join the party.


The usual way. Write some code.

You will find all supported devices in the docs:

The Industrial Quad Relay Bricklet V1 works fine with the openHAB binding.

I think you already found it: