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I want to know can i send command and communicate with TIS-BUS relays like VLC-12CH-10A directly with openhab?

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I need help… i wanna integrate openhab and TIS relays.
TIS communicate module as you can see in link below supports 4 protocol.
• RS-232
• RS-485

can i send command to tis relay using openhab?

There are no details about the content of the commands itself.
So I assume that the commands either switch on/off the relay resp. read the state of the relay.
There is a V1 binding for serial port communication ( https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/serial1/ ) and a V1 binding for TCPUDP communication ( https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/tcp1/ ). So this should work.
I use a relay that communicates via UDP and I am using shell commands to switch it on/off; get the status.

The spec says that the relay can send 1980 / receive 99 commands but I haven’t seen a description of all these commands. Do you wanna do more than just switching on/off the relay ?

Thanks for your help
I just want switch on/off but as i think each relay channel must have a unique modbus address and i cant find any register map for this relay. am i wrong?

The device you linked to earlier seems to be a protocol converter, not a relay.
That doesn’t seem to have any Modbus capability.

Maybe this is your relay device

That has a serial interface, looks like RS-485

To control that directly from openHAB you would need probably a USB/RS-485 dongle for your openHAB host.
Then you would need an understanding of the TIS-BUS protocol that therelay device appears to use. And write some code in openHAB to use that.

This looks relevant -

The TIS-BUS Patented Protocol is also an open protocol provided to professional developers and integrators free of charge. (Any registered organization or developer can easily and directly get the complete protocol documents that they need after filling out and signing the proper quality network paperwork.)

EDIT - maybe that gateway/communication module allows Modbus to convert to TIS-BUS. Have you got one of those modules? I’ve seen some docs suggesting TIS-IP-COM-PORT supports Modbus, but it is not at all clear.

I dont have one of this module… I wanted to know is it possible to merge openhab and TIS-Bus or not… cause TIS modules are cheap and if it is possible its a economic way to run and integrate protocols in projects.

It is possible, if you can find out what the proprietary TIS-BUS protocol is, and if it is legally allowed for others to use it.
Then you’d need someone with technical skills and interest to write a binding, or it may be possible to do just using rules or scripts and the regular serial binding.

or we can use tcp module and knx module for it… am i right?

Maybe, I cannot see any details for TIS devices.

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