TiVo add-on/binding

I am very new to openHAB, but so far, I really like it! I have added my Chromecasts using the paper UI, but I’m having trouble connecting it to TiVo. I have already enabled Remote Network Access on the TiVo box. I know it is not listed on the ‘Bindings’ tab in the Paper UI, and that it has to be added using the services/tivo.cfg file.


First, I am not completely sure how to configure the tivo.cfg file. If the IP address of my Tivo box is, is this how I would configure the file?:


Next, I created an item for the Info button on the Tivo in the default.items file. Here are the contents of the file:

Switch Tivo_Info “Info” { tivo=“info” }

Then, when the switch is flipped, it should open up info on the Tivo box, but it is not.
Am I doing anything incorrectly, or is there something I’m missing? Any help would be appreciated because openHAB is still very new to me.


Sadly, I think for all intents and purposes the Tivo binding is abandoned. It’s a 1.x version binding that was never tested with and therefore made available to openHAB 2.x through automatic installation (e.g. installed through PaperUI). There is no guarantee that the binding still works. If it doesn’t there is no way to fix it beyond reimplementing it as a 2.x version binding as all development on 1.x bindings is frozen and they will not be supported on OH 3 at all.

I am not certain where/whether these legacy 1.x bindings that no one bothered to test and report that it worked with OH 2 are even built any more. I couldn’t find the jar file anywhere I looked but I don’t know the build system all that well. Perhaps someone can come along and help. If not you may have to build it yourself.

Either way, you need to get a hold of an org.openhab.binding.tivo-1.14.0.jar file. You will then place this jar file into the openHAB addon’s folder. On an installed on Linux version that would be /usr/share/openhab2/addons I believe.

Until you do that, the addon will not be installed and your configurations will do nothing.

Is anyone successfully using the Tivo binding at the moment? I’d be willing to look at migrating it to a V2 binding, but I don’t know if the Tivo API that it uses is even still supported by their newer products.

I think we can say for sure there is one person interested in it. But given that it’s been four years since OH 2.0 came out and no one until now has complained about it not being listed in PaperUI points to it not being widely used.

Okay, thanks! I will try to see if I can get it to work.

Thank you SO much! I finally got it to work, I just needed to add the /usr/share/openhab2/addons file.

I am very surprised it worked, considering Tivo isn’t listed in the Paper UI bindings tab.

Thanks again!

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What model Tivo are you using it with?