TKB Home TZ55S and duplicateType and ID

Hello, I own TKB Home TZ55S and it appears as an unknown device, probably because manufacturer field set to 0xFFFF. I tried to add it to the database but it turns out there is already device with the same Manufacturer, Type and ID and it’s marked as deleted


Even If I can change manufacturer field to the actual value there still be entry for another TKB device with the same Type and ID which is dual paddle version of TZ55S. I’m unsure how to add TZ55S to the database, can someone advise?

If the device is really returning this value, then it is faulty and I would recommend to return it for a replacement.

If the devices are the same, other than the type of switch, then it’s possible that the manufacturer is using the same device internally and it may not be possible to tell them apart. This is not an uncommon situation.

Seller is not going to replace it because Command Class data is reported correctly, this is what support says:

I would suggest submitting a support request to the Openhab2 developers then as it would be up to them to ensure that the device is represented correctly based on the Command Class data that it reports.

So @chris is my understanding correct that there is no way this device can be included and properly operated? Is there anything I can edit manually? I don’t think so.

I assume then some of TKB Home devices can’t be used with Openhab2 as of now.

Correct - this is not possible to support properly as the device is faulty. I do not agree with what the seller has said - the device does not report its manufacturer correctly, and without this, it can’t be detected correctly as we don’t know what the device is.

This is not an issue with openhab - the device incorrectly reports its identity.

No - I believe they work fine. As above, your device is faulty - this isn’t an issue with openHAB not supporting TKB devices, but an issue with your device not reporting that it is a TKB device at all.