TKB Home TZ69 switches over-reporting?

I have a few TKB Home TZ69 smart meter switches. Looking at debug data recently has shown a lot of dialog going on - see the traffic from node52 below about power usage:

I get similar from all the TZ69 switches, below shows other repeat dialog:

Only association set is the lifeline to the controller.

Any recommendations on how to stop this or investigate further? Anyone else seen this?


Normally there will be some way to control this in the device - you should look through the parameters in the devices configuration to see if you can control the update rate, but also the “delta” is often controllable. This is the amount of change required before the device will send out a report.

If these are all set correctly, then I would suggest to power cycle the device. Occasionally we see things like this where the device get’s into a spurious state and sends regular spam reports and requires a reset.

Back investigating this one… seems like i have a load of modules that are reporting multiple times according to the log cd-jackson viewer…

Node 29 (a TKB Home TZ69 switch) with lots of power updates…

Node 3 (an Aeotec Multi-sensor) with lots of temperature updates…

Node 69 (a Fibaro dimmer) again with power updates…

In each case the things are set to default settings, one association etc.

I have excluded and re-included some to see if that makes any difference over time. Any other thoughts? Could this be something generically wrong with my z-wave binding? Wondering if I missed something or did something wrong when updating to the latest version of OpenHAB?

The binding appears to be sending this data unsolicited, so this is highly likely to be a problem with the device, or possibly the device configuration.

But I’m getting these repeat reports from loads of my devices @chris (>10), and different makes too - TKB, Aeotec, Fibaro etc. as shown above. Seems a bit strange that they all have problems. Now that I have removed and re-added node30 as node78 I’m waiting to see if it repeats - nothing so far. If so, I guess I’m removing and re-adding a few more :slight_smile:

Given node30 has re-appeared in my inbox I need to make sure I’m doing that exclusion correctly - thought I had but now need to work out how to remove that node give it’s been reset physically.

I don’t see any way that it’s possible for the binding to be doing this. The binding is clearly not sending anything at all in these logs - only the device is. This sort of error can also occur if a device in the network is not receiving properly as it can cause other devices to resend messages at the network layer (which the binding has no visibility of as that is all handled by the controller itself).

Not suggesting it’s the binding @chris, just that something odd is happening to get this from so many nodes. Node30 seems to be quiet now, so perhaps I do need to do a reset on most of my modules here… I’ll reset another and see if the same applies.

Appreciate the assistance.