TKB TZ66D Not showing correctly?

I’m somewhat “comfortable” with OH1. Whilst I’m by no means an expert, I was able to tame the beast.

I’ve slowly, for the past 6 months, being migrating to OH2, which is somewhat of a new beast. It’s like learning to ride a bike again, it’s vastly different.

Anyway, apart from tweaking my rules, I’m almost there with my items. Sure enough, my ZWave stuff is last to migrate. Sure enough, it’s causing me grief.

This is what I’m dealing with.


My Dual Paddle “TKB TZ66D” which works absolutely fine in OH1, is showing strangely in OH2 and is non functional, despite it being present in the database. I had been toying with using .things, but gave in in the end, and I am using Habmin to configure the ZWave items.

I’m not upto speed on how/where to find logs in OH2, so unsure where to look for those.

I should have mentioned, I’m running openHAB 2.2.0 Build #1073

Logs are in the same place as they were for OH 1.8.

Are these battery powered devices?

The issue is the manufacturer – either something got corrupted and it incorrectly read back 0018, or this device is a new device from “Balboa Instruments”? The manufacturer for TKB is 118 so it’s a little suspicious.

Anyway, this is why it’s not detected… I’d suggest to reinitialise the device to see if it fixes the issue - if it always returns 0018, then it’s going to be a bit of a problem.

Thanks, this is not a battery powered device. I will try re-initialising it.

Reinstalled OH and reinitialised the Switch, looks ok now. Thanks!