Toggling grouped lights

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to re-work my whole setup from openHAB2 using openHAB3. For the most part I’m getting along quite well, I especially like the powerful new ways for scripting/defining rules.

But I think, I’ve not found the right way to control groups of lights in my rooms.

Problem statement: I’ve setup a semantic model where I created floors and rooms in these floors. I’ve added equipment to the rooms. Within each room I have several lights which I want to control the color temperature of together.

Tried approach 1: So I was thinking that I could somehow create a “vertical” group outside of the semantic model which includes the lights of a single room. I wanted to then set the color temperature. Somehow I cannot even select that non-semantic group for my lights as a parent.

Tried approach 2: I got something working by creating seperate groups and adding items links, but I feel that this isn’t the right way, since the items are already existing.

Am I doing it completly wrong? Should I use a different approach?

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This should be possible. You need to describe more how you are trying to do this.

Possibly but there isn’t enough information to tell.

You have two choices here I think.

  1. Open your Lights Equipment Group for a given room and give it a type and aggregation function. You can then send commands to that Group and it will be sent to all members of that Group.

  2. Create a Group Item outside of the model (from the Items page) and add the lights to that Group. Give that Group a type and aggregation function. Optionally, you can remove the individual lights from the Model and put this Group Item as a Point into the model.

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Ok, I’m trying to provide the required information via images, hoping to include the problematic setting.

I’ve a non semantic group which I created on the items page:

(I hope, it’s not related to my problem, so I’ll just mention it as a sidenote: I configured Amazon Alexa metadata as Light.Brightness because Light.ColorTemperature did not work for me although I selected Hue as vendor)

Right now, I’ve added two links in order to try approach 2 which I mentioned above. But I also removed the two links for testing, I still could not add my two lights to this group.

But let me show you the rest of the configuration. Here’s a part of my semantic model:

2021-12-27 18_36_40-openHAB

This Control “Farbtemperatur” is configured this way:

As you can see in the details, it has a single parent group:

When I try to add the initially shown group grFfWrAllLightsTemperature, the group cannot be selected:

I hope, I showed everything important.

grFfWrAllLightsTemperature shown is not a Group, it is a Dimmer type Item (with links to two channels).
Have another try at creating an Item of type Group.

Thank you both for your support! Sometimes it’s so obvious but one doesn’t see it. Guess I was convinced by the naming :wink: I think, I still have to get used to working with a UI instead of item files again. (I know, it’s still possible to work with item files, but I wanted to try the new way)

Now it works like a charm for brightness and color temperature! (as of different groups using AVG aggregation)

That Item isn’t a Group. It’s a Dimmer.