Toilet air freshener idea

Hi I put together a simple device using a
Tuya ZigBee smart fingerbot (search on AliExpress)

And a Sonoff ZigBee dongle

I 3d printed a support to hold the perfume bottle and fingerbot.

The perfume is from Zara home so if you need the 3d model let me know. The fingerbot came with some stickers and some little wooden blocks which I used.

In openhab I already had a rule that turned on a light using a DSC alarm motion detector. So I added a function to activate the fingerbot if there was someone in the room for more than 5 minutes (I didn’t want it spraying every time someone went in eg. just to look in the mirror).

The only problem I had was the dongle interferes with a rfxcom usb transceiver. Openhabian loses the connection to the rfxcom and seems to overwrite the driver. So I had to move the dongle to a separate home assistant server and use ZigBee2mqtt.

It works perfectly, I will probably add some rules for timed sprays if we are home during the day.

Overall investment about £40 but the dongle will be used for other devices too. Happy wife too!


Ohh this is nifty! Nice thinking :slight_smile: I have the mind to make something similar but based on already existing solutions. This video is in Portuguese unfortunately but it’s easy enough to follow if you care.

You can add alternative parts like this:

Add a battery inside and you have a stand alone solution that doesn’t look out of place :slight_smile:

But your solution with oob things is great!

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Great idea - but: isn’t the fingerbot you linked to a Bluetooth device?

Yes sorry I bought off AliExpress but couldn’t find a way to link from the app. I got a tuya ZigBee smart fingerbot plus and the associated tools although you don’t really need them.

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