Tons of errors in eclipse after maven clean install


i wanted to try to create a binding. Because i am running windows 10 I set up an virtual machine with the latest linux mint. Installed everything, installed eclipse as described in the documentation. fine. I read in a other forum that I should do an “mvn clean install” first. so I did. Took about 25 minutes, without errors. In eclipse i get now 3283 errors, all with the message:
“A class file was not written. The project may be inconsistent, if so try refreshing this project and building it”

I looked into the folders subfolder “target/classes” and there are all the compiled files. Refreshing the folder in eclipse didnt work. Any ideas?

The best thing you can do, based on my experience, is close all the projects you’re not using. That may help.

i closed all projects, did an mvn clean install and tried to open one already excisting project, still getting these errors.