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Wrong game.

Same University as these guys

Dr Zharova must have a penchant for Home Assistant…


I’m not sure what you expect. Users of openHAB, the software this forum is dedicated to don’t care one iota about any new feature it capability for Home Assistant. You are on the wrong forum.

If you are using “Home Assistant” as a generic term for “Home Automation”, don’t do that. It’s rude and offensive to come to a forum dedicated to what some consider a competitor to Home Assistant and ask for help with a survey without even mentioning the name of our platform in the request.

Since you are in school, let this be a learning opportunity for you. You must tailor these sorts of postings to the forum they are posted to. You’ve pretty thoroughly ticked off everyone in this forum so I wouldn’t expect many responses to your survey from here.


I am closing this topic fore being off topic and kind of spam!