Touchscreen for habPanel


Actually I use a “old” Amazon Tablet to visualize the habPanel. But this isn’t very fast and not so good to use. So I think I bought an raspberry pi 3 and a touch panel (13+ Zoll).

I will build a frame with wood, but I don’t know what panel I should use. The “raspberry” pi panels are very expensive. I thought I can get a replacement panel for laptops or something like this.

Maybe do you have a good tip for a good touch panel for this use.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have a look at this:

Most of them are plasic displays but price-performance ratio is ok I think.

They are all soo expensive. I search a cheap touchdisplay. I saw a 24" Touchdisplay with HDMI for about 250€.

I thought i can get i cheaper, if i only buy the panel with connector, without case, etc.

Why not go with a “standard” portable monitor.
Search Ali for “portable touch monitor” and you’ll find plenty of “cheap” alternatives. Also, they look quite nice.
I bought a similar one a couple of years ago, as a second display for my laptop. Works wonderful. I also get use of it when I need a monitor for any of my pies.

What OS are you going to run on the RPi3? I recall another conversation about HabPanel running very slowly in web browsers on Raspbian, so you might not find that it’s any better. I have an old Amazon Fire HD 10 that I run HabPanelViewer on and I don’t have any issues with responsiveness, but my HabPanel is very simple.

Ok, that’s a good point. I can test habPanel viewer too. Actually I use the kiosk browser.

They should both be about the same at rendering web pages since the engine is the same, but one might be more lightweight than the other.

Before you spend money on touchscreens, you should put whatever OS you want to run on the RPi and see for yourself how responsive it is with a regular monitor. I think someone tried using Android on an RPi, but I can’t find the discussion to know if that was better or worse.

I have installed HabPanelViewer now, but i have some problems with it. I have so search for power on the screen by front camera of the tablet. And i have a big red corner around the HabPanel. :slight_smile: