Towards merging the new Bosch SHC binding

Hello OpenHab developers,

@coeing, @GerdZanker and I have developed an binding for the Bosch Smart Home System ( We now have support for quite a number of those devices and all three of us have the binding operational for our Bosch SHCs.

We would now slowly start to merge it, as there are surely some issues that we have to address before merging it. The code is here:

Could you advice on how to proceed? Should we simply open a PR against master of your repo and you will review it there, or are there any other steps that we should follow first.

Kind regards,
Stefan, Christian and Gerd.


Opening a pull request is basically the summary of the process. If you want to have it merged with 2.5 you should open a pull request against the 2.5.x branch.

To help the review process it would help if your binding code is in good shape. I glanced at the code and noticed some dead code, dead comments for example. So it’s better to clean it up before. Also have a look through the guidlines page, with information about running the auto format tool and make sure you sign off your commits properly. You can start by running maven with checks not disabled.

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Hi @hilbrand,

Thanks for the quick reply and the link to the guidelines page. We’ll refactor our code so it’ll match the guidelines. We might miss some points as none of us is a Java native speaker :wink: But I hope we can figure those points out during the pull request.

One question: What do you mean with “sign off your commits properly”?

It’s about adding the sign off line to your commit. See this section in the contributing guidelines:

Somewhat related is this is to have an @author tag in each class javadoc with your real name.

I see, thanks for the clarification!