TP-Link Binding for HS100 and HS200 wifi switches?

I have a bunch of TP-link HS100 and HS200 wifi switches (mostly HS200).They connect with Alexa and TP-link KAZA app .The Kasa app lets you set the name,switch on/off,time schedules,set scenes like movie time or bedtime etc. They connect to alexa with no hub needed and use " Alexa, turn on lights "

Is there a Binding for TP-Link ? If not is there going to be one?

Im surprised there isnt or i cant find a binding addon for them considering they are imo the best switches that connect with Amazon Alexa and at the cheapest pricepoint compared to others like the WEMO .

Is there anyway i can use them with openhab2 and still be used with alexa

There is no binding, but you can use them with openhab with the EXEC binding and a python script.
Take a look at this thread