TP-Link EP25 support?

I picked up a 4-pak of TP-Link Kasa EP25 energy monitoring outlets. These use bluetooth on the phone to do the pairing and setup of the device. I haven 't been able to find any mention of their use with Openhab searching, or any luck getting them set up.
Has anyone successfully used one of these with OpenHab ? Anything I can do to help if binding changes are needed ?

If you can control the EP25 using the Kasa app, you might be able to add it manually by using a similar device in its place. The HS110, KP115, and KP125 are all energy-monitoring plugs, so I suspect any of them would work.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, but I think you would just need to input the IP address of the EP25, which you can get from the Kasa app.

These appear to be using a new control protocol.
I tried the devices you mentioned, plus the EP10 and EP40 . They all report a failure to connect.
Then I tried an nmap of ports 1-65535 of the device. It is only listening on port 80, and responds with a “200 OK” message no matter what I sent it. I nmap’ed a Kasa power strip I have, it listens on port 999 only, and that matches what is hard coded into the binding.

It looks like they came up with a new control scheme on these plugs. Instead of scanning the network they setup with a bluetooth connection.

Darn. Honestly, TP-Link is kind of a mess right now. They’ve got the original Kasa and Tapo lines (they bought Tapo), which were completely separate until recently. Now the Tapo app can apparently control Kasas, but then you can never go back to using the Kasa app. But they’ve also clearly stated that they aren’t retiring Kasa.

There are Kasa plugs that use Matter, and your EP25 that apparently needs Bluetooth for setup, and appears to prioritize HomeKit. And I guess neither will work with the Kasa binding. Sheesh.

If you have HomeKit, maybe you can use that to attach it to openHAB in a roundabout way. If it’s still returnable, I would personally just do that instead.

This Hubitat thread makes me think that your EP25 might work with the Tapo app, in which case it might
work with OH’s Tapo binding.

But as noted, I believe that to be a one-way trip.

Interesting. I’ll have to look at that, moving them to Tapo may be the easiest solution. I’m wondering if I’ll have to migrate all my devices then into a Tapo binding ?

I might just remove these plugs from Kasa and add them as new to Tapo rather than migrate, to keep things separate for testing.

I’d agree with that. No reason to mess with your working equipment if you don’t have to.

I don’t use the TapoControl binding, but I see that the docs don’t mention the Kasa EP25 (understandably). I don’t know if you can manually add devices, so you might need to dig around in the community for tips.