Tp-link hs100 connect to openhabian and firebase then my app for remote access

Tp-link hs100
Connect to openhabian how to
And connect to firebase on my own app
I dont know how

To connect your TP-link HS100, there is a binding for it:
Works like a charm (I am using it myself), just follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with firebase and cannot help you there. But you may want to look at for remote access.

Yes but how can i output binding info to firebase to send commands to the binding via my own android all

Do you know someone that can help

Openhab has its own android app you shouldn’t need too output anything

Setup Openhab with everything and just use the android app for controll

Openhab interfaces should be your main place for control


I’m assuming this is what he means

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I would suggest to search the forum for “firebase”, you will find a few discussions pertaining to firebase…(this is assuming that you refer to @Sharpy’s guess that you mean google’s product)

Can you tell me how do i control things via firebase