TP-link HS100

newbie have managed to bind two of them after setting up with Kasa done will work fine with the router
MAC blocked, the second one will not?
works fine with MAC enabled at router!
Any ideas on how to fix, or just chuck it??

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I assume that you’re trying to block Internet access to your Kasas. I do this by assigning static IP addresses and blocking those IPs, not by blocking MAC addresses (which isn’t an option in my router).

(EDIT: I’m deleting things I wrote that were based on an incorrect assumption to avoid future confusion.)

So if you can, try blocking via static IP addresses instead to see if that fixes your problem.

The binding doesn’t use the MAC address or fall back to it, but it does send a broadcast to the network. If that doesn’t reach the device or the device can’t reach openHAB it won’t be able to communicate with openHAB. Or if the devices IP address would change and the broadcast process is blocked the binding won’t be able to recover from a changed IP address.

If the hs-100 can’t access the internet I would expect them still to work using kasa on the same local network.

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Oops, thanks for the clarification! So if that’s the case, MAC blocking shouldn’t make a difference?

Thanks, Russ for quick reply!!
Unfortunately, my Router is only letting me block by MAC will try a new router that should be at in a week or two, think it will offer both ways !!
i Couldn’t understand the odd way it was working compared to the 1st one i setup, Your explanation makes more sense then my thinking it was somehow a bad plug firmware LOL !!

Hi Hilbrand !

i have both plugs set static for each bound by

there MAC, the one not working when filtered off the net isn’t found by e THER kasa or openhab both openhab and Kasa app only work then that MAC is open to the net, i think the new router that i
can flash with DD-WRT will overcome this !!

Thank you All Much

PS. i only got this far by reading this forum, Big thanks

ig MAC blocking won’t make a diff, what else could it be then[quote=“rpwong, post:4, topic:102498, full:true”]
Oops, thanks for the clarification! So if that’s the case, MAC blocking shouldn’t make a difference?

well fixed the problem by removing both plugs from openHAB and reinstalling so both now working when blocked from the cloud
Thanks for all the suggestions, looks like that should be my 1st move LOL !!

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