TP-Link HS110 Energy Logging

I am ordering this item in an attempt to log energy usage, but from everything I have read it only seems to give a summery of usage instead of an actual usage total.

What information does this actually give:
eneryUsage - Number - Energy Usage in kWh. - HS110

If it keeps a total value for the life of the item, that would be perfect, because I could easily deduct the amount that I have already read in the past from the current total.

I need to determine how many kWh are used every month, determined on the first of every month. Is this possible with this device? Can I somehow set it up to send me a message on the first of every month with how many kWh were used since the last time I read it, and not just the last 30 days?

Since I have already ordered a few of these devices, I fear that I will probably end up with devices that are of no use to me.

If I’m correct it’s the total value since the plug was activated or reset. You can store these values in persistent storage in openHAB, and also create a rule to send you the message every first day of the month by reading from persistent storage. I’ve no complete example configuration for you on how this should work, but with the rules and storage you should be able to build something like you want with these devices.

There is a separate api on the device to get daily and monthly usage statistics, but that is not supported by the binding.

I don’t want the usage statistics anyway. The total energy used will work just fine for my needs.

What do you mean by reset? A hard factory reset of the plug?

Is this value stored on the plug itself, or is this number accumulated by openhab and needs to be constantly persisted if you don’t want it to be reset? I am going to guess that the running total is only reset with a factory reset of the plug, and will persist even if the plug loses power and the openhab server loses all of its data.

At least that is what I am hoping for, because that would make it very simple for me to just persist checkpoints to compare the running total to. And I will probably just have it email me the last months total every month.

It sounds like this plug will be exactly what I am needing to keep track of the power consumption of a few devices.

By reset i was referring to factory reset indeed.