TP-Link (Kasa) binding throwing new "Ip address not set" error

I’ve been using the TP-Link binding for my Kasa devices for the last couple months. It has been fine until yesterday when I started getting an error message. There are no errors showing up in karaf, but when I log in to the web interface, it shows me that most of my Kasa things are in the state “ERROR: COMM”, and when I hover it tells me “Ip address not set. Wait for discovery or manually trigger discovery process.” Per the instructions, my .things file defines the ‘deviceId’ instead of the ‘ipAddress’, so I can’t explain why it’s asking me to define an ip address. I would just go ahead and define the ip address, but it’s on DHCP so it will change.

I don’t know why, but it is giving me this same error for my HS103 and HS200 devices, but my KP200 device is working fine still.


Update: changing the .things file to specify an ‘ipAddress’, rebooting the Kasa devices, and then changing the .things file back to ‘deviceId’ seems to have cleared the error. Not sure what happened.

I spoke too soon. Once I rebooted OH, the error reappeared. I’m at a loss. I can set static IPs for all my devices, but (a) that’s a pain, and (b) what the heck changed!?

What version of OH are you on?

I’ve never had this issue, but I’ve had static IPs assigned to my Kasas since before I started using OH. Also, I’m not using a .things file since autodiscovery works really well with them. Maybe that’s necessary for them to survive IP changes?