TP-Link KL120/130 and Dimming with KNX

Hello everybody,

I own a KL120 and a KL130 Smart Bulb and want to use a KNX switch/dimmer to control it.
The TP-Link binding is great so far. I can switch my HS100 plugs and in some way I can also control my light bulbs from openhab UIs. But I think I am missing the INCREASE/DECREASE method for at least the KL120/130 to use the KNX dimmer.

I already tried the rules workaround to convert INC/DEC to absolute dimmer values, but I think the system is responding to slow to have a smooth dimming experience and I wonder if this would improve if the ability of relative dimming is directly implemented into the binding.

By using the Kasa App dimming is very smooth and fast with immediate feedback of brightness, therefore it should also be possible by using openhab and KNX I think.

If anybody has experience to use knx switches as dimmer for TP-Link bulbs, any hints are highly appreciated.

@hilbrand: Do you by any chance have any ideas how to use a knx dimmer switch with your tp-link binding?

Thanks a lot