TP-Link KP125M (Matter Support)

I know there are a few topics regarding the KP125, but nothing that I can see regarding KP-125M with matter support?

Anybody been able to try these?
I tried installing the TP-LInk bindings (both regular and the beta seperately) and neither of them can Scan and find these devices.

So I then I set a static IP and add it manually but I keep getting Communication Errors.
I even tried setting a dummy Device ID as suggested in other topics, or just leaving blank…but still the same issue. Also tried adding as KP-115 as others suggested and still no luck.

Anybody else have this issue?

openHAB doesn’t support Matter yet. So if you’re unable to add that device through the Kasa app without Matter, it’s not going to work.

I actually do have it working correctly in the Kasa app and was able to add it just using wifi in the Kasa app without matter.

Okay, that’s good to know. If you can’t trick openHAB into thinking it’s a similar device, it might have a different way of communicating that’s not compatible with the binding. I’d suggest seeing if it has been requested in GitHub, and opening an issue if not.

Damn…looks like these new devices don’t use port 9999 like the older TP-link devices (which I’m guessing is what the binding is looking for)

For those interested in reading up on it, see link below.
This has been an issue with the HS100 devices on the newer firmware as well…which has been a problem for a couple of years now so it doesn’t seem like a fix is around the corner any time soon.

It’s too bad as I guess I will return these and try to either find some older ones, or switch to a different brand entirely.

Was hoping to avoid that as in Canada our options are limited, and these were at a really good price, $50 for a pack of 2. Where as some other Z-Wave ones like Aeotec or Fibaro are around $80 each.

I did see some Sonoff ones but from what I can tell there is no direct binding and you have to flash other firmware and go through MQTTT - which is less out of the box then I was hoping for.


I’m in Canada as well. Are you specifically looking for energy monitoring? I assume that’s the case, since you can get two HS103 plugs for $25 on Amazon.

For energy monitoring, I use these Tuya-based plugs with the SmarthomeJ Tuya binding. You can get two for $20 with the coupon.

Note that you have to allow them to connect to the Tuya cloud in order for energy monitoring to work properly.

The Tuya devices look great. I’m looking into how to install the Tuya binding. I’m assuming SmartjomeJ means its a jar file…just looking for that now and what I would need to get that going.

Thanks Russ :slight_smile:

Nope. Read the Github link above. It’s a third-party marketplace.

Found it! I’m in business. Ordering those Tuya plugs now.
Many thanks again :smiley:

I do hope that the Matter version does get supported, as I just bought a 4 pack ($50 on Amazon) to replace my non-monitoring ones and then ran into the same issue. I have had the best reliability with Kasa. I now have 50 Kasa devices hooked up in OH.

I bought the KP125M and have them set up and running with the Kasa app. I have several KP125 which work well, so I decided I wanted more not clueing in that the M designation makes them a totally different product as I have other brands of product that a firmware update added matter support.

Looking around I see that python-kasa has added support for the KP125M. Not sure if this can help the TP-Link binding to be updated for K125M integration.
I have installed python-kasa on my laptop to see how it works but haven’t got the M querying working yet, the documention needs a bit more clarity for me…


I was able to use python-kasa to discover my KP125M. It was throwing a fit parsing the password I originally created for the Kasa app so I changed it to something somewhat simpler and it is now working.