TP-Link Outdoor Dimmer Plug (KP405) support

It appears support for this device is not yet available in the tp-link binding

What is required to add support?

This pr to getting merged: [tplinksmarthome] Added new devices ES20, KP125, KP405 and KS230 by Hilbrand · Pull Request #11771 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

(Assuming the dimmer function works, as it’s a feature not available in earlier plugs. I assumed it works the same as switch device with dimmer)

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I will test it as soon as it’s in the apt snapshot repo

The pull is still open. Is there a problem with it? It seems that it will not be merged for 3.2

I updated to the latest snapshot and the KP405 device was discovered.
It had one SWITCH channel, not a Dimmer Chanel.

The switch channel toggles the plug between 0% and 100% but dimming is not available
Can you update the binding?

I’ve updated the binding. I’ve added a marketplace entry, so it can be installed directly from openHAB main UI: TP-Linksmarthome Beta