TPLink lb100 issue

I am having problem with 1 of my tplink bulbs. Doen anyone have an idea what is going on here?

This is the typical behavior if the bulb lost the connection with the wifi. It can happen if the bulb is at some distance from the wifi router/access point. Seeing your bulb is in the driveway this is very likely the case.
You probably would see the device coming online again after some time and randomly see this issue reoccurring.

It is possible that after such an issue the router has given your bulb a different ip address. The tplink binding of openHAB 2.4 (or the one in the eclipse market place) can recover from that. With older versions of the binding you need to set the new ip address in the binding configuration. If you have the bulb thing in openHAB created with the recovering mode you should be able to see an id that can be edited in the thing configuration in PaperUI. If you are running 2.4 or latest market place binding and don’t see the id you need to remove the thing and re-add it.

To mitigate the issue in the first place you need to place a WiFi access point closer to the bulb (or use a repeater).

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You could also assign a fixed IP address to you bulb by accessing your router settings

With mitigation I was referring to the dropping of the connection :slight_smile: . Assigning a fixed ip address won’t fix the disconnecting problem.

With the current version of the binding it’s not necessary to assign a static IP address as the binding can handle up address changes.

I was just pointing out that it is good practice to assign fixed IPs to “permanent” devices

This bulb is indeed at the driveway but I have 2 of them and further one is working fine :slight_smile: But from my understanding this is network related issue, not binding itself so I will try to investigate it in that direction.