TR-064 Binding: Error message reported at INFO level instead of ERROR


With openHAB 3.0.2 I’ve still the issue that the message

2021-05-13 21:10:21.895 [INFO ] [ng.tr064.internal.soap.SOAPConnector] - Failed to get Tr064ChannelConfig{channelType=macOnline, getAction=GetSpecificHostEntry, dataType='boolean, parameter='BA:AA:BB:2D:0F:12'}: HTTP-Response-Code 500 (Internal Server Error), SOAP-Fault: 714 (NoSuchEntryInArray)

is reported at INFO level instead of ERROR in the log.

According to the Github Issue #9542 this was already fixed on 27. Dec 2021. Shouldn’t this bug fix be reflected in 3.0.2?

Thank you.

Only certain very important bug fixes get backported to older versions of OH. I don’t remember what was changed for 3.0.1 but it wasn’t that. And 3.0.2 the only change was to make it so add-ons are downloaded from jfrog instead of bintray.

For a bug fix like this you need to run a 3.1 milestone or SNAPSHOT.

Thank you @rlkoshak !