TR-064 Binding - macOnline input list + no fritzbox bridge channels

Hi there,

i´m currently trying to migrate my oH 2 environment to oH 3 and got into some problems with the TR-064 binding.

I added the binding, added my as a thing, did a scan and added the three subdevices.
Now i want to add some MAC-addresses to the macOnline detection.
But the binding is only using entries that doesn´t have a comment.

So i tried to enter my MAC-addresses like

11:22:33:44:55:66 # My-Phone
AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF # Your Phone

Only the last line will be used by the binding and create a channel.
I already tried to use only characters (second line) as i thought maybe the hyphen (-) is not allowed, but that doesn´t helped.

Another problem are the missing bridge channels.
I can only see three channels in the normal view and four channels in the advanced view.

I can´t see the other channels that are listed in the manual, e.g. callList

kind regards

it’ working for me, but i did not use spaces before an after the ‘#’

So you entered the list like this?


Same result, it´s not showing as a channel.

every entry in one line
after pressing ‘save’ once a time, the channel exists

Ok thanks for clarification.
I don´t understand why it´s not working for me.

It´s working without # and a comment.
But to be honest, the list is a little bit longer and i don´t want to compare this amount of MAC addresses to find the correct one and name the item.

At first glance this looks good.
As far as i remember, this feature was only included in the OH3 version of binding.
I did a short test with spaces before and after the ‘#’, an this also works in my current evironment (OH 3.1.0, Build #2326)

I´m running 3.0.2 - Release Build

it looks like this …
OH3 TR-064 Wan Block /Fritz Box AVM Kindersicherung Blacklist Internet
If i see this correctly, this fix is only included in release 3.1

Yes this seems to be the problem.
But it´s already in the manual for the current stable release :slight_smile:

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