TR-064 Binding Presence Detection: message if device not present

Hello community.
I use the binding for to determine if devices are present. This works perfectly.
However, for some devices, a message appears in the log when they are offline:

 Failed to get Tr064ChannelConfig{channelType=macOnline, getAction=GetSpecificHostEntry, dataType='boolean, parameter='xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'}: HTTP-Response-Code 500 (Internal Server Error), SOAP-Fault: 714 (NoSuchEntryInArray)

The address exists and the device was online before.
How can I turn off the message that appears every 60 sec?

And the switch of the linked Item turned to UNDEF instead of OFF.

Is there a difference between Guest WLAN and my Home WLAN?

Thanks in advance

IMO this is the correct behavior. The FB doesn‘t know anything about that MAC address, so the state is undefined.

But why is the behavior different?
My smartphone changed from ON to OFF when it goes offline.
But another device, which is only sporadically in the (Guest) WLAN changed from ON to UNDEF.
Does this have something to do with the Guest WLAN?
The behavior of the binding with OH2.5.x was different. There were not these problems.

I have tested all situations with different devices:
if it’s connected to the Guest WLAN the binding recognize the presence, but when it goes offline it chanaged the linked item to UNDEF and generates the log Entry.
if it is connected to the (Main-) WLAN than the linked Item changed to OFF and it seems that the MAC ist stored in the Fritzbox and therefore no log-entry.

And now my new 2 problems:

How can I interpret the UNDEF as OFF in the linked item?

And how can I suppress these entries in the log? But i wish that only these messages are blocked. All others should still appear. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance

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