TR-064: Real Downstream on Fritzbox 7590

I want to show the dsl downstream in openhab, using the tr064 binding.

This should be 55,0 Mbit/s

Tried the following Channels

Number:DataTransferRate dslDownstreamCurrRate { channel="tr064:subdevice:2df3ac21e1:uuid_3A75802409_2Dbccb_2D40e7_2D8e6a_2D3CA62F48AB4E:dslDownstreamCurrRate" }
Number:DataTransferRate dslDownstreamMaxRate  { channel="tr064:subdevice:2df3ac21e1:uuid_3A75802409_2Dbccb_2D40e7_2D8e6a_2D3CA62F48AB4E:dslDownstreamMaxRate" }
Number:DataTransferRate wanMaxDownstreamRate  { channel="tr064:subdevice:2df3ac21e1:uuid_3A75802409_2Dbccb_2D40e7_2D8e6a_2D3CA62F48AB4E:wanMaxDownstreamRate" }

Here is the result

2022-01-25 21:06:43.125 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'dslDownstreamCurrRate' changed from NULL to 116.79 Mbit/s
2022-01-25 21:06:43.136 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'dslDownstreamMaxRate' changed from NULL to 134.742 Mbit/s
2022-01-25 21:06:43.189 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'wanMaxDownstreamRate' changed from NULL to 134.742 Mbit/s

Shouldn’t one of these channels be the one i am searching for?

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You have 2 downstream rates in your screenshot, one is matching the value provided in current downstream channel.

In my fritzbox both downstream rates shown are the same.
Maybe have a look if you use latest fritzos version?

Sorry, forgot to post this info.
FritzOs is up to date. Model 7590
OpenHab and Addons are on 3.2

Yes, there are two rates in the screenshot.
On the right side is the capacity of my dsl connection (117MBit).
On the left side is the downstream my internet provider is providing (55MBit), because i’m only paying for 50MBit.

I thought this value should be accessible through the tr-064 binding since it is much more of interest than the theoretical wire capacity.

ok, after contacting “entwicklungssupport” @ avm, the values i wanted to get are not part of the tr064 api.

with tr064 you will only get these

the only way to get available down- and upstream seems to do a scheduled speedtest.

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Hi @exec , thats interesting thanks for the information.
I’m wondering why the open hab automatic discovery proposes the “WAN” and “WANConnection” subdevices for the TR064 binding, if they are not supported by AVM.

I also added them successfully and also just see “Null” values. Also for the kinda simple values like uptime etc.
Thats confusing, isnt it?

I’m running a fritzbox 6660 with Fritz OS 7.29