TR64 Binding produces warning every minute

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My openHAB log shows WARN entries every minute like this:

[WARN ] [ng.tr064.internal.soap.SOAPConnector] - Failed to get Tr064ChannelConfig{channelType=wanIpAddress, getAction=GetInfo, dataType='string, parameter='null'}: HTTP-Response-Code 500 (Internal Server Error), SOAP-Fault: 401 (Invalid Action)

I did some checking on GitHub and found this issue: [Tr064] wanIP Address SOAP Fault 401 · Issue #9173 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub. The guy with the last post seems to have had the same problem, but did not report on whether or how he fixed the issue.

So I now only use the ppp-variants for uptime and ipAdress. But still, I get this warning. Is there any means to get rid of it? Has somebody else solved this?

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I am the other guy and what I wrote there did indeed fix it for me, as far as I remember.

Thanks a lot for the update! That’s strange, I’m still trying to investigate why this happens…

But I’m stuck, the problem persists until I completely remove the thing for the WAN Connection Device. Of course I removed all items relating to the TR64 binding. Once I re-add the WAN Connection Device, the problem is instantly back. – Even without any items using it.

If you have previously linked an item to the channel mentioned in the error message please purge any orphan link:

Ah, I did not know that some kind of orphaning exists. I thought, completely deleting the things and items would suffice and perform that purging. But as far as I can see there were leftovers since I found and purged orphaned items in my installation.

Now, I do not get this error anymore! Thank you all so much!

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