TrackR Binding?

I recently ordered a few TrackR Bravo devices to see how they work. The thought being there both pretty cheap and a possibly easy way to track my son’s where abouts by putting one in his school backpack.

Anyone, they use Crowd GPS to try and maintain the location And their mobile App seems to want/need your blue tooth turned on for their app to work and find things. The devices seem ok so far, but haven’t done to much testing with them yet.

But I think their is a limited API for it as well, and could be make for a great binding in being able to track various items both in and outside the home.

Anyone using these and perhaps an idea for a future binding?

I have some TrackRs. But it looks like the “techdev” API links you have posted are of another project with the same name. :astonished:

I just chatted with the TrackR support and they do not have any plans on any API.
Please let us know if you find any other way to interact with your TrackR devices.
I can see a number of uses for this little device.

One other thing I asked them about was if I could turn off the “Crowd GPS” feature, but it was not possible any more. This means that as soon as your TrackR device is in range of ANY mobile device (android or IOS) with the TrackR app installed its location will be sent to the TrackR servers. I think this is not optimal from a privacy perspective.

How do they communicate? I thought it was NFC, but they say track things up to100 ft away how is that possible with the nfc radios in phones? or is it bluetooth(which also leave me wondering a bit)?

Anyhow I’d love to get a few and play with them but I’d like to know more about them first.