Trådfri 1.11.47 - Lights detected but not controllable


Many times I have had to search for a forum post to solve a breaking change in an update of the Trådfri gateway. This time, however, I cannot find any, and the problem is a bit different than I’m used to.

Previously the trådfri things simply did not go online. This time, they are online, and even tracks any changes made from remotes or from the IKEA app, but I am not able to control them through openhab.

What I have tried:
turn off openhab
clear cache
start openhab
remove gateway
turn off openhab
clear cache
turn on openhab
restart openhab

Any tips what to try next? Anyone else having the same problem?

I’m using openHAB 2.5.9 Release Build

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Same problem here.

At least I’m not alone :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I forgot to mention: I AM able to control the simple trådfri switches (called “Control Outlet” in the binding documentation), so it does not seem to be a general control issue.

Can you post thin and item definitions?

I use PaperUI top add Things and items. What Info do you need?

BTW: If I change the state in openhab, the change is logged but the bulb does not react. I can switch the bulb with the IKEA app, so I think the gateway is working.
Maybe there is a problem with adding things via PaperUI?

Indeed, I have the same symptoms, and also add the things through paperui. Through IKEA app and through Google assistant works

Funny. There was an update to the gateway today and now it works.

Indeed!! Gateway version 1.11.51 solved it


I have exactly same problem.
Everything is online, no errors logged. Everything works fine for few hours after reboot.
Unfortunately gateway update did not resolve the problem.
I have tried to clean cache, remove Tradfri binding, move Tradfri configuration to files, restarting gateway but still no luck.

Restarting binding in karaf console is not helping but restart of openHAB resolves problem few hours.
How to enable some more detailed logging for Tradfri binding?

It looks that problem was caused by rule which sends two commands (without any delay between) to Tradfri gateway:

createTimer(now.plusSeconds(1)) [|