Tradfri Bulbs with Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway

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(Johannes Gedicke) #1

since the Mijia Gateway supports the Tradfri Bulbs, I’d like to ask if someone has set them up in openHAB via the Mi Home or the Mi IO binding. Since it is not in the supported device list of the binding, I am interessted if I should invest in IKEA Bulbs.


(Johannes Gedicke) #2

Since I have to go to IKEA at the weekend anyways, I’ll buy a Tradfri bulb.
Let’s see if I can see something on the logs.

(Andras) #3

have you got something?

(Johannes Gedicke) #4

Sorry for the late reply.
I managed to connect the Tradfri bulb to the Hub. You need to place it very close to the hub itself.
It shows up as “Unsupported Xiaomi Device” and it works with the Mi Home App. So the binding would need support for tradfri, I’ll open an “issue” or is there a better way?