Tradfri color bulb

i have openhab2 the newest snapshot. seems to work fine but can some one point me in the right direction

i have a lap with a tradfri color bulb in, it seems there is no brightness control only setting the color to black, that seems to do the job from a color picker.

what syntax do i need if i want to set the color from a switch. i want to have a button that turns on and off all the lights in the house.

You can send brightness values (PercentType 0 - 100) and ON/OFF commands to the color channel.

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Is there anyway so change the colour? Seeing as I can do it via a colour picker?

I have managed to change the brightness and colour temp but can only change the colour via a picker.

HOW do you want to change the color, if not with the color picker?
With buttons, like a button for “red”?

That’s exactly it yeah. Change via button or rule…