Tradfri occupancy sensor

I have a couple of tradfri motion sensors, all of the same type.
When added through the Tradfri gateway, they are reported as thing type “Occupancy sensor”, with channels for battery level and battery low status, but no movement channel.

Then again when directly added to the Conbee2 / Phoscon app, it is reported as a Lightgroup thing with channels for
All On, Any On, Alert, Color, Color temperature and Recall Scene.

Is this a bug, or works as designed or am I simply overlooking something / a lot?

In the future I will probably want to phase out the IKEA hub and trade it for a bit more flexibility with the Phoscon app and OpenHab3. I am an experienced programmer, but I still feel like a noob here.


Oh never mind. Id had inadvertertly landed in the “Ignore” box because I hit a wrong button. O7
Found channels for Presense, Last updated, Battery level, Battery low, Dark and Last seen.

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