Tradfri outlet

Hi everyone.

Im at bit stuck on the Ikea Tradfri. I have managed to controll the color of the lights, and thats works fine. My issue is the outlet socket,(who in my case, is connected to a LED strip) but that one i cant controll. (on/off). The light/contact is called “Lys under seng” (65556)

here is my *.Things file

Bridge tradfri:gateway:mygateway [ host="", code="xxxxxxxxxxxxx" ] {

Thing   0210    65548   "Vicktoria farvet lys"      [id=65548]
Thing   0010    65556   "Lys under seng"            [id=65556]
Thing   0100    65546   "Lys ved tøjskab 1"         [id=65546]
Thing   0100    65547   "Lys ved tøjskab 2"         [id=65547]
Thing   0210    65555   "Lys Skrivebord"            [id=65555]

My *.Items file
Switch 65556 "Lys under seng" (I_Vicktoria, gLight) ["Outlet"] { channel = "tradfri:0010:mygateway:65556:power"}

I hope that someone can help me a bit, thanks in advance


Hi Peter,
I have the same issue. My configuration is analog to yours (using OH 3.0) and I can see the outlet socket state in my sitemap.
Whenever I toggle the outlet using the Tradfri-App I can see the change in my sitemap.
Unfortunately I can’t set the state (on/off) neither via my OH-App (sitemaps) nor via any other openhab mecanism.
Is there anybody who successfully added the Tradfri outlet socket in openhab and switched it on/off over openhab (not the Tradfri-App)?

Kind regards,

Hi Andi,

I went to Ikea, and bought some signal extender for Tradfri. Its still not without problems, but its much more stabile now…