Tradfri / zigbee switches via HUE Bridge - WITHOUT zigbee2mqtt

Hi all,

Currently I am running zigbee2mqtt to use Tradfri/… devices to trigger events etc in my house.
BUT: I have a Hue Bridge for some lamps
So: How to connect a Tradfri/… device to the Hue bridge to get this device connected to openhab.

The only tutorials I found (plus using the App HueLights) are always connecting a switch directly to a bulb.
I want to connect a zigbee switch with a thing/item in Openhab - via the Hue Bridge & Binding… for example to trigger a rule.

I hope you understand my need / idea.
Any hints ? I tried to pair a switch with the Hue Bridge - but nothing shows up… :frowning_face:


P.S. … I tried this and that to pair the switch - but nothing showed up in the inbox

Any thoughts ??? :wave:

Found this thread
but did you get this figured out? I’m planning on a similar setup.

I wanted to do the same thing.
Use a tradfri switch to control openhab elements.
This is how I did it:

*add tradfri switch in phoscon deconz app
*switch will show up as group in openhab
*add at least 1 light or plug in switch in phoscon app
*add on off functionality in phoscon app for the light or plug in switch
*another group will show up in openhab, us this group
*now when pushing the button, openhab will recognize it
*build a rule based on this in openhab to do the stuff you want to do (switch other wifiled, yeelight lights, etc.)