Transfer configuration to new Openhabian installation

I’am currently running an older version of the OpenHabian image and would like to upgrade to the newest version. I’ve already setup the new image on a separate sd card and transfered the following folders:


After that I set the correct file owners and rights and started OpenHab2. Openhab boots and seams to work, but there are several problems I don’t have on the older installation. (e.g. online state of things not correct, Z-Wave receives commands but sometimes doesn’t seam to send any commands back to the devices, problems with rules running more than 5000ms, etc.)

Did I miss to transfer something from the old installation or are there maybe any chaches that need to be cleared for the new installation to work properly? Maybe clear those folders completeley?

Or do I also need to copy anyting from those folders?

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Take a look at

Depending on how old your installation is you should read the important announcements:

There have been some breaking changes …


Thank for the link. I tried to backup and restore everything with this script, but for some reason openhab starts without any UI’s. The main page just reads that UI’s are beeing installed, but nothing happens. Is something missing in the backup script or are additional steps required to restore all base bundles?

Edit: I already found the problem. For some reason my Openhabian lost the dns server and could not connect to the online repository.

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