Transfer OH 3 from SD-Card to extern SSD HDD


I have read, that SD-Card in my RPi is not good! So I have buied an external SSD HDD.
I do not want to setup all OH3 again, so how can I transfer the whole installation from the SD-Card to my external USB SSD Drive?

Thank you!

The short answer: use openHABian with ZRAM and mirroring.
The long one is here.


I’ve read your articles. I think solving my broken SD card problem with an SSD is over.
If all is true from you article - and I belief yes - so I think a good old HardDiscDrive 2,5" on USB is the best way to protect against data loss from OH?!?

What do you think of the proposal?

Not good. You drew the wrong conclusions so please re-read. An SSD has a DRAM cache so is no worse than an HDD. It’s even a little better in fact because it’s more reliable (due to no moving parts) and draws less power, usually.
But both of these options come with a couple of problems that you cannot run into when you stick to SD such as migrate to and boot from USB, power and space requirements, lack of redundancy/fallback and very large MTTR (mean time to repair).
IMO the best choice is a mirrored, ZRAM’ed SD.
(EDIT: and a UPS and a backup system in place, of course)

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the only caveat to Zram is that it doesn’t like it when you just switch off the power I have a tiny UPS setup on my PI.

Markus has put in a huge effort into openHABian, Zram and Mirroring. This is by far the best solution for you to use.

I have a PI4 8gig with a mirrored SD card and a Msata drive that I backup to.

On a sidenote, there has been an important fix to mirroring.
You need to update openHABian main then re-mirror once (option 54).
(or manually edit /etc/fstab on the mirror card to have PARTUUID match that of the disk).

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