Transfer Openhab2 settings to new version

Hi all,

I tried the search function but did not succeed … if maybe I used the wrong search terms or something else, do not hesitate to give me a good hint.

I am using OpenHab2 on a Raspberry Pi 3 (openHABian) as frontend (Habpanel) of my home automation with several Homematic items and some Hue lights. I also use Alexa (Amazon Echo) as voice interface using the Hue Emulation on OpenHab2.

My issue is, that I am also a victim of the ua-netinst issue (see here). Suppressing “enable_uart=1“ in the config.txt enables me to boot the system again. After that I would like to re-install now the latest release (from here) to avoid the issue in the future. I’ve built a fresh second SD with the latest openHABian release.

I have to admit, that I am not a linux crack and normally using Windows in private and business live.

Now I am wondering how I can transfer all my setting (bindings, items, things) which I mainly implemented by using the graphical interface of Paper UI (no *.item files and so on except for the alexa topic) from the old SD to the new one to avoid all the manual configuration. Also the different panel configurations of habpanel should be transferred.

For this action I have only my Raspberry Pi and ma Windows 7 PC.

Is there any possibility to perform this transfer?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Follow the Backup and Restore instructions.

Hi rlkoshak,

Thank you for your reply. This is what I tried. As I intent to transfer configuration from on SD with an old habianpi installation to another new installation using only windows or the raspberry Pi, I was not able to do it exactly the way described. What I did:

  • copied the userdata and conf folders via the network shares on the windows machine
  • changed the SD card in the raspberry to the new one
  • copied the userdata and conf folders from the windows machine to the new raspbianpi installation on the raspberry

In fact this seems not to be sufficient as all the panels did not work in HabPanel. The design was there but the items seem not linked anymore. Also in the PaperUI no item was listed no control was shown. I would have to detect all of them again, establish the items and re-configure all the switches and so on again in HabPanel.

I hope there is an easier way.



Hi All,

No other ideas?
My major issue is not to link again all items and set up everything in the panels of habpanel.


Hi Sven,

I have the very same issue (and surprisingly almost the exactly same setup.
Actually I am not able to help you yet, but if I succeed to migrate, I will let you know how.

If someone has a hint for us to accelerate our plan I am happy to hear about it :slight_smile: