Transformation is shown in HABPanel

Openhab 2.5 M2

I have this items:
Number WANTotalBytesSentToday “[JS(BytesToHuman.js):%s]” (everyMinute)
Number WANTotalBytesReceivedToday “[JS(BytesToHuman.js):%s]” (everyMinute)

Number WANTotalBytesSentYesterday      "[JS(BytesToHuman.js): %s]"       
Number WANTotalBytesReceivedYesterday   "[JS(BytesToHuman.js): %s]"

The transformation is this one:
(function(i) {
if(isNaN(i)) return “NA”

    var bytes = parseFloat(i)

    if(bytes > 1073741824)
        return Math.round(bytes/1073741824) + " GB"
    else if (bytes > 1048576)
        return Math.round(bytes/1048576) + " MB"
        return Math.round(bytes/1024) + " KB"

I have a graph in HABPanel to show this values.
When I hover the line it displays “Download JS(BytesToHuman.js): 11234.40” instead of the transformed value.

I have the same problem with a dummy displaying the todays download but this time it is displayed as “JS(BytesToHuman.js): 4Gb” only when I disable the checkbox “use server provided format” it displays without the JS(BytesToHuman.js): in front.

There must be changed somethin. In the past it worked correctly.